December 2014


Construction and management of a school at SHO ME, an enclave of the Chin ethnic group in Rakhine State, Myanmar. The school hosts up to 80 students coming from the Sho Me village and from nearby villages of the Rakhine ethnic group.

December 2014

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January 2012

Knowledge to promote coexistence

A 3-year initiative in favor of the Burmese refugee community in the province of Phang Nga in Thailand, including schooling and nutrition for 250 children, health services in a clinic and at the Refugee Community, and professional training for adults.

January 2012

September 2010

Learning center for migrants

Support project for 4 Learning Centers, for 350 children of Burmese migrants in the Province of Phang Nga in Thailand – Financing for complete, daily nutrition and for support for teachers’ salaries. 2005-2007.