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Who is Moses

Moses Onlus ( was formed March 10th, 2005, by the will and effort of a group of founder members who miraculously survived the Tsunami of December26th 2004. The value of life and solidarity are the founding principles of Moses.

Moses is an Onlus association that works to intervene with international solidarity in emergency situations following a natural disaster, and in improving the conditions of life for populations who have been outcast and who live in poverty and without dignity.

The range of interventions are social, sanitary and the restoration of all fundamental human rights. The guidelines are the active participation of social groups and launching various projects to promote self-sufficiency and self-management.

The area of interventions is South-East Asia, where first-hand knowledge of the fundamental problems and the establishment of personal relationships and partnerships developed in Thailand during the first project, have helped us to achieve productive and responsible operations.

The functionability of the association relies on the voluntary efforts of its members who, several times a year, visit the areas to oversee the interventions and to organise and supervise the projects.