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Where we Work

We work at U Wai Klo school (Burma – Karen State), which is in an internal refugee camp on the border with Thailand.
The community of refugees live with no assistance whatever, in desperate poverty and instability.

There are 220 children attending the school, and 50 of these children live in a protected hostel.

We also work at Wa Me Dae school (Birmania- Karen State), in an isolated part of Karen State that can only be reached
from the Thai border after three days’ walk. This school was the first to be set up in this area.

Many of 80 children attending have lost their parents and are cared for in rotation by other families.

The projects entail: the construction of school premises, hostels and provision of sanitation; the salaries of the teachers;
the provision of teaching materials; the nutrition of the children, and pig-breeding.

Moses Volunteers regularly visit the villages and the surrounding areas to supervise all the activities.

In the Irrawaddy District, where many schools destroyed by the Nargis cyclone in 2008 were closed and abandoned, Moses has re-established 3 ‘alternative’ schools.

In Rangoon District, aid interventions are in progress to help the people affected by the cyclone, who survive despite being abandoned by EVERYONE. The programme will help many many children. The 18 girls involved in the Burma Nargis Emergency project are providing shelter, food and psychological care.

In the Thai Province of Phang Nga, we have “Oltre il Giardino” (“Beyond the Garden”). This is an informal school to take 50 children out of child labour, and it is situated within a community of Burmese refugee camps in the rubber plantations at Lo Yung. By involving the families within the project, we can help them towards self-sufficiency.

In the “Casa della Pace” (House Of Peace) we have various projects to help Burmese migrants and other ethnic minorities present in Thailand. These groups of people are extremely vulnerable because of laws which discriminate against them, limit their rights and expose them to exploitation and severe poverty.

The Project is determined to improve their standards of living through education for children and adults, through better health and through activities with human rights, religion and sport within the community.

In the Moses Training Center at Mae Sariang, on the border with Karen State, we have a center for the teachers of all the schools maintained by Moses, and this is where we provide professional teacher-training for the women who live in the refugee camps within Burma and Thailand.