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Living with Heart

Living with heart means looking and seeing, listening and understanding. It helps us to open a critical eye, to be aware of our actions, to be curious to know and to be free to act with emotion and awareness, especially to those who have need. It helps us to realize that there are people around us who work to improve the world and that we can join them. It makes us realize that by seeing that every day is a gift, that by welcoming everyone around us with open arms, in the end we create a circle of trust, of help and of love. With each little action, and each moment, we feel we are not just living, but part of life. We feel involved. Differences become values, curiosity and helpfulness become the driving forces in everything we do, everyday. Essential to living with heart is understanding and being aware that every tiny gesture, every little action – even the simplest – opens our lives to new and better horizons. It leads us to deeper and more satisfying reasons for living. Every day has a hidden gift. We can find it in a smile. We can find it deep within eyes that begin to shine again with hope. We can find it by holding someone’s hand. We can find it in a thought.