Become the sponsor of a SALVAUNBIMBO® (“Save a Child”) community

it only takes 70 cents per day

With Moses project SALVAUNBIMBO® (“Save a Child”) you will save the children of a Burma village from extreme poverty, exploitation, and abuse. You will offer education, food, and healthcare, so that they can fully live their childhood and have a valuable future.

  • You will be able to exchange updates with the child from the community that you choose to sponsor, thanks to our local multilingual focal points, and the frequent on-site missions of our volunteers
  • You can choose to visit personally the community that you sponsor, together with Moses

To start this virtuous circle, planning and continuity are needed

Select the community that you want to sponsor

All what you give, they get. No unneeded expense.

It is rare that the distance between the supporters and the recipients is so short!

  • We are a small nonprofit organization: we know our children by name, we join them on-site more than once per year. and when we are there we share their school lessons and daily life.
  • We pay the cost of our mission from our pocket.
  • We are present in the field to select reliable local partners, and control activities and expenses.

Why choosing Moses to sponsor a child and the young generations? Because:

  • they are vulnerable and need protection
  • they are the biggest hope of the countries where we work, first of all Myanmar: they can stop the vicious circle of poverty, wars, and oppression in those countries

You can help us establish with the local communities a relationship based on mutual trust, via the training of local teachers, the organization of school activities and of the life in the village, and the support to micro-economics projects. All this will bring to better living conditions.

Choose the SALVAUNBIMBO® (“Save a Child”) companies

They care for mothers and their children, and chose to sponsor the “Schools in the Jungle” in Myanmar.

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