We are constantly looking for people available to put their skills and their ability to support our initiatives.
We seek for volunteers at our office in Bologna, to bring forward our initiatives and projects in Southeast Asia:

  • Graphics and videos
    • Management of Moses photo archive
    • Editing of informatory and communication material
    • Editing of videos, based on the video recordings from our Southeast Asia missions
  • Our projects over the web
    • Social media management
    • Newsletters
    • Articles for local press / our internet site / our blog
  • Fundraising campaigns
    • Organization (purchase of fair-trade products, events, …)
    • Relationship with donors
    • Logistic & Others
  • Design of creative products with the Moses Onlus or “Save a Child” (SALVAUNBIMBO®) brands, and organization of the related events
  • Projects financial reporting: review of the documentation from the local focals of Moses schools
  • Other activities, to agree with the candidate volunteer

In all the areas above, we make available the knowledge that the Moses members acquired on the ground. This way, the volunteering job becomes an interesting and enriching experience. Students can have the time spent for Moses recognized as internship on their CV. 

For information write to info@moses.it or call +39 051 6325766 / +39 334 7230138.