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Since the 2004 tsunami, a big wave of solidarity has started: the non-profit organization Moses was created based on the experience of four Italian survivors. Moses made the difference for several vulnerable communities in Southeast Asia, initially via rehabilitation and reconstruction workand then with the construction and management of schools. As of today, four schools and two hostels for lonely children are operational: the continuity of these projects is crucial to grant the children a future of dignity.

We know our students by name. We travel there more than once per year. When we are with our students, we share their school lessons and daily life. When we are not in the field, we follow their progress from remotely, via reports and photos from our local focal points, to make sure that all is going as it should.

We are a small nonprofit organization, and are proud of it: it is rare that the distance between the supporters and the recipients is so short! Call us, come and visit us. We will tell you about the new born babies in the Moses villages, about our children’s progress at school, about how learning Thai and English helped them build a higher level of education and a better future.

On this page you can make a donation. You can choose “if”, “when”, and “how”: with PayPal, with a credit card, or via bank transfer. You can also make a monthly donation, that you can stop at any time with an email to sostieni@moses.it. We are available for you, representing the children that we sustain: we can tell you their stories, inform you about their activities, thank you on their behalf.

Our goal is to raise the funds needed to cover six months of maintenance cost for Moses’ four schools and “protected hostel” in South-East Asia:

  • Construction and maintenance of school spaces and toilet facilities
  • Daily food for the children
  • Teaching material for students and teachers
  • Salary and training for the teachers
  • Basic healthcare

IT 40 P070 7202 4090 3200 0178 642


IT 53 H 07601 01800 000097516546 

For donors living in Italy, you can download a handy pre-filled payment slip with Moses’ information, and print it out at home before going to a post office.


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