Beyond the Gardenis an informal school. Its scope is to fight against the exploitation of child labor, provide the children with education, and favor the best possible conditions for their future. The school is located in Ban Lo Yung – Phang-Nga (Thailand). Moses built the school in 2009. In 2014 the termites destroyed it, but Moses promptly re-built it in 2015, thanks to the help from many donors.

A variable number of children, 35 to 50, attend the Beyond the Gardenschool, due to the mobility of the families that move wherever there is a job opportunity.

The continuous commitment from the volunteers guarantee a good education quality. They take care of the education programs, and often teach directly Thai, English, history, math, science, geography, and religion. A significant percentage of children can then access the national Thai school with good votes.

Also, via the school, Moses provides the children with medical care, yearly vaccination, daily meals, and give support to their families. The school is operational during the whole year, to avoid the children defection.

Moses affords the cost of:

  • Building and maintenance of the school areas and toilets. In full respect of the local nature, this is done with wood and bamboo.
  • Daily meals to the children.
  • Teaching material for students and teachers.
  • Salaries for the teachers.

Moses is also committed toencourage the children’s attendance to common events (religious and recreational) with their Thai peers, in order to facilitate an easy future coexistence between the Burma and Thai population.

The appropriate use of the resources is monitored through aregular review of the account books. The activities areplanned on weekly basis, and are led bytwo Burma teachers andone Thai teacher.


In 2014 the termites invaded the school. The teachers of Beyond the Gardenhad to move to a temporary space, far from the ordinary standards of a classroom. The Burma children patiently waited until when they could join the newly refurbished Beyond the Gardenschool.

Oltre-il-Giardino-Monaci-e-bambini-dopo-PreghieraThe school has been rebuilt in a protected space, it’s supplied with electricity, and two old computers. The little students approached enthusiastically the new technology, and we make any effort to encourage them in using it at their best.

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