Rice supply after the Komen cyclone

Help to the Sho Me community

In 2015 the Komen cyclonewiped out the Rakhine state, bringing devastation and causing numerous casualties. Also the Sho Me villagewas severely impacted. Moses is present there, with the school dedicated to Ivano Albertazzi. Houses, harvests, rice reserves, have been destroyed and the population had to escape on the hills for days, without drinkable water, food, or shelter.

After the cyclone, rice became scarce in the whole region.

The Moses staff managed to purchase a rice supply and via a long trip on the river it was delivered from Sittwe to the village. This was how a rice supply from Italymanaged to help families that had lost all their belongings.

Despite the sever emergency after-math, the school started its activities almost immediately, also offering a night shelter for the displaced families.The older kids helped their families in the fields, to help recover the crops. Step by step, the Sho Me village started to live again. A sign that the community did never surrender, and that solidarity always achieves its results.

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