Knowledge to promote coexistence


“Knowledge to promote coexistence” (aka CFC) is a 3-year project, that Mosus Onlus deployed throughout 2008 and 2010.

PAT (Provincia Autonoma di Trento) co-funded the initiative. The recipients were thousands of Burma migrants from the Thai province of Phang Ngha, who escaped one of the most severe and horrible ethnic cleansing of our latest decades.

The project involved around 5,000 migrants: refugees who lived illegally in metal shacks, exploited and without rights and assistance of any kind.

The target of CFC was to deploy health and educational activities, and professional training for adults. Those activities were also open to Thai citizens, to promote and favor the often difficult coexistence with Burma migrants.

The House of Peace. Children from different ethnic groups and religions to build and promote coexistence.

The House of Peace was the reference point for all activities. It hosted a clinic and the school rooms for the adults courses.

Also here we organized the shared activities between Burma, Thai, Moken, and Muslim children. The activities were the occasion for happy meeting, mutual knowledge, play and learning,  with also workshops of batik and photography.   All the projects were organized to favor the integration of the migrants with the local populationstarting from the very early generations.


  • Via 3 Learning Centersfor the children of Burma migrants
  • Via an integration projectwhere 50 children from Burma migrants with residence permit attended the Thai school
  • Via sport and religious eventsthat both the ethnic groups attended: a very important and sensitive aspect, given the skepticism of the Thais towards the Burma migrants
  • Via English and Thai coursesand training course such as Hotel Training
  • Via events to improve the knowledge and consciousness of human rights


  • Via 4 language mediatorsin the main hospitals of the area
  • Via medical devices in 12 temporary villagesof the area

After a careful research, in2010 we found in DISAC(the Catholic association operating in the province of Phang Nga) and its bishop Mons. Joseph Prathan Sridanusila potential candidate to replace the previous partner Grassroot Foundation, that did not fulfill the transparency and regularity criteria that Moses Onlus values so much.

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