A solidarity trip towards the mountains

In April 2007 the whole town of Campiglioand many friends from the Rendana Valley, together with the precious help from Gruppo Missionario, prepared 54 boxes of excellent warm clothes and eyeglasses for the inhabitants of a mountain community in Mae Yam. Also the Moses group from Bologna, led by the energetic volunteer Emma Baietti, prepared 23 boxes with sweaters, wind-jackets and hats.

The whole packages was sent on time for the Christmas period, to face the first cold. However, as it often happens, some delay with the custom formalities delayed the arrival in Bangkok and then in Chom Thong of some days. The custom inspectors thought that the clothes were too good to be just a gift. After some bureaucracy the delivery arrived at destination in time for the local Feast of the Children.

Several lorries climbed the mountains  and 10 villages received the nice surprise. For the purpose, a distribution center was organized in the valley.

It was a big, unexpected surprise for the thai kayin community. It was a big emotions to them, to receive such a warm hug from far Italy!

Now many children sleep with the ski suit of our children. Many women and families can deal with the cold winter and wear, over their traditional clothes, the warm wind-jackets and comfortable sweaters that we normally use during our winter time.

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