The Rain-School SAIN DIN

Fiume Lemro - Sain Din

Sai Din is a small village in the Rakhine State, with tiny bamboo and wood houses, painted with bright and welcoming colors.

Sain Din is a community where every mom and dad has a story to tell: every morning they see their children go to school, and they are worried about what can happen th them. Because in Sain Din there is no school-hub, and kids have to to the Ivano Albertazzi school, in Sho Me, beyond the Lemro river. Their daily trip is made on small, unstable boats, driven by the elder kids, who in turn are too unexperienced.


scuola-della-pioggia-7Each leg, to the other side of the river and back, takes half an hour. It’s a difficult journey during the good season, and it becomes adventurous during the rain season.

We should never forget the weather trend in the Rakhine State, Myanmar: the monsoon causes rainfall for six months during the year, and floods of the Lemro river.

To reach Ivano’s school becomes nearly impossible.  Who tried to reach it anyway, sometimes did not experience a happy ending.


All this challenged Moses Onlus to buld the Rain School.

In June 2016 Moses could open the new school, built with the contribution of its sponsors and supporters, and in line with the national educational plan.

The Rain School stays open for the whole period that the Lemro river is not safe, and it coordinates its activities with the Sho Me school. At the moment it hosts 25 children from primary school, all very willing to learn. A great result, considering the local economical and social conditions.

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