Protected Hostel – U WAY KLO

In 2007 Moses built an hostel in the U Way Klo village, in the Kayin State(Myanmar). Around 50 orphan children, or children from the surrounding villages, live in the hostel. The hostel is a shelter for the children, and grants them daily living and a protected environment where they can grow healthy, go to school regularly, and follow the activities of the School in the Jungle. Without the hostel, many children would be left alone or would have to work in the fields, without a chance to follow the lessons

The Kayin State is located in the North-East of Burma (Myanmar), close to the Thai border. The population is kayin, mainly Christians. Since over 50 years they suffer from the sever ethnic warthat destroyed entire communities. The kayin population escaped from the cities to the jungle, built there new villages and created new communities.

  • A safe placewhere they are protected from the cold and the traps of the jungle;
  • Daily food, balanced and varied;
  • Assistance and medical care;
  • Clothes and coversagainst the cold;
  • Goods for personal care and hygiene;

In the hostel there is a cook who prepares the meals and qualified personnel that take care of the children and follow them during the day.

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