For information and support requests write to sostieni@moses.it or call +39 334 72 30 138 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm CET.

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors – primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms. It is based on “many a little makes a mickle”.

Our objective is to collect funds to cover the six-months maintenance cost of four schools and two “protected shelters” that Moses Onlus created in Southeast Asia. In detail:

  • Construction and maintenance new areas and toilets for the schools;
  • Daily food for the children;
  • Teaching materials for students and teachers;
  • Salary and training for the teachers;
  • Basic healthcare.

You can donate, but you can also do something even more important: spread the word to your friends, talk to them about Moses Crowdfunding. This way, you can broaden the network of our sponsors.

On top, you can also decide to donate your birthday, Christmas, and other festivities gifts. In a few steps, you can create on our site your own Crowdfunding campaign, and ask your family and friends to make a donation on your campaign page. That would be their gift, a priceless one. This way:

  • Your friends will not struggle to think of what gift to buy for you
  • You won’t receive useless gifts
  • The children in the Moses school in Myanmar and Thailand will receive the education and essential goods that they actually need.
  • Go to this web page https://www.moses.it/en/launch-a-campaign and click on the button “Launch a campaign
  • If it is the first time you create a campaign on our site, you will need to register in the box on the right side of the page, by filling in your email address and by choosing a username and password; then click on the “Register” button.
  • In this way the “Create a new campaign” page will come up automatically. You can insert there the information related to your own, personal campaign:
    • The name of your campaign
    • Slogan
    • End-date for the campaign (the date of your event, festivity, or party!)
    • Description (A brief, pre-set text will appear. You can use it if you do not want to write one of your own.)
    • Your contact information (to receive assistance if necessary)
  • Click on the “Submit campaign” button (We will promptly review and publish everything.)
  • Send the link to your page to friends and relatives, asking that, instead of a gift, they make a donation to your campaign for Moses.

The accepted payment methods are PayPal (via Credit Card) and Bank Transfer. No data input on this site is required: by clicking “Donate” on your campaign page, the donors will automatically be addressed to Moses PayPal page, or they will be shown the data to process a Bank Transfer.

If you wish, you can also collect cash money from your family and friends and make a Bank Transfer yourself: if you then let us know the names of the donors and the amount donated, we will include this data in your campaign page, so that any individual effort can contribute to your campaign’s achievement.

Everybody can donate! Individual investors, companies, associations: Moses is a no-profit organization: consequently, any donation (either on-line or via Bank Transfer) is tax deductible.

Any amount you choose to give will be greatly appreciated. For your convenience, we indicated some examples, with the detail of what Moses can do with the various amounts.

It is not mandatory, but if you indicate a target it will be easier for your campaign to be successful.

Think about the number of people that usually make you a gift, and the value of that gift. If you wish, you can dare to point a little higher: you are asking “gifts” for those who are in real need.

No, your campaign can achieve and over-achieve the target that you indicated, until the campaign end date.

Yes, if you wish you can modify your campaign data while it is on-going.

Simply access the Moses site with your credentials through the “Access or Register” choice available on the top right green menu.

You will reach the “My profile” page (where you can also change your contact information). Click on “My campaigns” and then “Modify Campaign” on the campaign that you want to update. Once done with your changes, click on “Update campaign”.

Only if you want to change your campaign end date, write to sostieni@moses.it.

You can also add extra details to enrich your campaign and make it more interesting.

As the donations come in, they are embedded into the main Moses campaigns, along with the donors name. This will happen regardless of the achievement of the campaign target that you had indicated in your Crowdfunding campaign. Our ambitious target is to read €20,000 in six months.

Sure you can! For every donation to your Crowdfunding campaign you will receive an email with the donation details, and the donor’s name and contact information, so that you can thank him/her personally. We also will send a receipt and a thank you note to every donor.

Also, the system tracks all donations. You can download the list of donations to your campaign in .csv format. You just need to access our site www.moses.it/en with your credentials, go to page “My campaigns” and click on “Export Donations”.